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Cervantes to Geraldton

Cervantes through to Jurien Bay, Dongara-Port Denison and Geraldton are the southern gateway to the Coral Coast region. Just a few hours north of Perth, these picturesque fishing and holiday towns are packed with attractions, sheltered swimming and snorkelling bays, wildflowers and caves. 4WD

The Indian Ocean Drive is the southern gateway to the Coral Coast region, just 2 hours' drive north of Perth, and a scenic journey past the picturesque coastal towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman, and the twin towns of Dongara-Port Denison. Further on you will find the historic towns of Greenouth and the thriving federation city of Geraldton.

Jurien Bay Jetty
Jurien Bay Jetty, Coral Coast | Image Credit: Tourism WA


The Indian Ocean Drive will take you along a scenic journey through coastal towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman, and the twin towns of Dongara-Port Denison.

Starting at Cervantes, trail users can experience the region via the Lake Thetis Loop Trail is an easy, 1.5km walk around the shores of Lake Thetis. It is one of only a few places in the world with living marine thrombolites, or ‘Living fossils’. The first 300m of boardwalk, which passes the best examples of thrombolites in the lake, is universally accessible.

Follow the coastal route of Indian Ocean Drive will take you through Jurien Bay - home to a beautiful marina and the Turquoise Way Trail which is a 14 kilometre sealed track stretching along the coast to the Hill River Mouth. The trail passes the Jurien Bay Jetty and playground, Dobbyn Park foreshore and offers spectacular views of the coast. Walk, bike or wheelchair your way along this highly accessible trail. 

Port Denison-Dongara are quaint and historic coastal towns. Walk or bike your way along the Thungara Trail Network of six trails ranging from 2.7km up to 9km explore the most scenic locations and explore the rich history of this area on the Coral Coast. Trail 4 is wheelchair accessible and takes you to Port Denison’s popular surfing/ swimming beach South Beach, and along Port Denison’s Marina, home to the Western Rock Lobster Fishing fleet.

Further north again and you'll come to Greenough - a historic settlement that can be explored via the Greenough Walkaway Heritage Trail. This 57km drive through some of the richest rural land in Western Australia explores the settlement of the area and the buildings of a once considerable community that was severely reduced after the floods of 1888. 

The Greenough River Walk Trail is a 17 kilometre loop walk is flat and offers a mix of coastal vegetation and beautiful river views. Allow at least four hours and take plenty of water to do this one. There is signage showing maps of the route at various points. Mountain bikes are permitted but be warned it’s a sandy track used by 4WDs.

The city of Geraldton has marked itself as a contemporary hub of cafes, shops and street art. The city's history are entwined in the coastal feel of the place which is popular with holiday makers looking to soak up sun, access the Abrolhos islands or enjoy water sports.  

Geraldton's Marine Terrace Heritage Trail is just under 2 km and suitable for all abilities. It starts at Dome Café on the Foreshore and then takes you along Marine Terrace, past some fine examples of Victorian, Federation and Art Deco architecture.

Geraldton boasts a terrific food and drink scene. Fresh and unique produce are at the doorsteps of Geraldton’s happening eateries - a great way to explore is by taking the Geraldton Food Trail - either on foot or by car. 

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