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The Kimberley

The Kimberley offers some of Western Australia’s most unique wilderness and trails experiences that will capture your imagination. It truly is otherworldly - a million square kilometres of special, soulful places that stop you in your tracks and forge a connection to you and the land.

The Kimberley is an ancient landscape covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres and with a population of less than 40,000 - it is considered one of the world's most precious wilderness regions, rich in grandeur, colour and full of contrasts. 

Cathedral Gorge Purnululu Bungle bungles
Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu National Park | Photo Credit: Tourism WA


A size similar to the State of Victoria and a population not unlike some small regional towns, you'll find prolific wildlife, majestic canyons, freshwater swimming holes and several outback stations, as well as one of Australia's greatest 4WD road trips - the Gibb River Road. Despite the area's remoteness, there are plenty of people who explore the region especially in the cooler months. 

The legendary Gibb River Road, is an icon of outback adventure through the heart of the Kimberley in Western Australia’s North West. The 660 kilometre dirt track passes through remote station country with magnificent scenery and plenty of opportunities to get out of your vehicle to discover one of the many fresh water gorges.

The challenging track will take you along coastal and outback towns of the Kimberley region through vastly diverse experiences. Kununurra and Derby are the eastern and western gateways to the Kimberley and the track also stops through the rugged pioneering towns of Wyndham, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek.

The inland Kimberley region offers truly remarkable landscapes, spectacular gorges and thundering waterfalls and waterholes provide the perfect backdrop for experiencing Western Australia's diverse heartland. 

Hiking in this region can be hot-going but you're rewarded with astonishing natural geological formations. Otherworldly gorges, like the Time Walk through to  Tunnel Creek National Park is not only popular and scenic but has a bit of adventure thrown in for good measure - keep an eye out for fresh water crocodiles and flocks of corellas. The 2 kilometre return walk goes through a naturally formed tunnel carved over millions of years by fast flowing wet-season water.

The walk to Cathedral Gorge is 2km return and has an awe-inspiring natural amphitheatre of red rock located within The Bungle Ranges in Purnululu National Park. This deep gorge is one of just two World Heritage sites in Western Australia.

Ord River is considered one of the best canoe trips, anywhere. With free flowing freshwater, warm dry weather and wilderness camping. Allow three days two nights or more if you wish to loiter. Suitable for canoes, touring kayaks, or longer sit-on-tops. Most people do this as a self-guided tour from the Kununurra backpackers.

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