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Family Friendly

Trails provide lots of opportunities for a family day out. From cycling around the Swan River to exploring parks and rivers - you'll find a wide variety of experiences to suit the younger and older members of your group.

Kids love to be outdoors and it's fantastic seeing the world through their eyes. Starting them early with bushwalking and cycling will lead to better fitness later on in life. Children are more adaptable than we give them credit for!

Natureplay WA promote that child-led play in the outdoors (nature play) enriches childhood with movement, with imagination, with friendship, and with all the sensory wonder that nature brings. Trails offers an immense number of opportunities to make this happen.

Start out with short and easy trips. As soon as you think your child is ready graduate to longer more difficult ones and even throw in an over night camping trip or two. Even the long distance trails offer opportunities for families as they have lots of access points and you can design an overnight trip just to the closest campsite and back.

Allow yourself twice as much time as you normally would, so you are not too rushed to stop and rest.  Take a small container like an ice cream container for your kids to store the magical little things they find along the way. Talk about what you are seeing, how things smell, what things feel like. Point out the different plants, trees and animals that you may encounter. Bird sounds. It doesn't matter how young they are. It will be a great learning experience for you both. Oh, and don't forget healthy snacks and water!


  • Bells Rapids River Walk
  • Law Walk, Kings Park
  • Denmark Fairy Door Trail
  • Glen Brook Trail, John Forrest National Park
  • Bibbulmun Track from the Camel Farm to Hewett’s Hill Campsite, Paulls Valley 

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