Trails: Paddle

Explore Western Australia's spectacular waterways on a kayak or canoe. Float lazily down tranquil rivers, paddle into secluded coves or hurtle down wild whitewater rapids. 

The Peel Canoe Trail  is the Top Trail for visitors as a map of the trail is available along with canoe hire in Mandurah.  However, there are many other areas where you will be able to hire a canoe or join a tour operator and enjoy some time out on the water and more trails will be added to this site over the coming months.


If you are not a confident swimmer do not go into on onto the water. A properly fitted flotation device or lifejacket is essential and your paddle craft must be suitable for the conditions.

Paddling conditions vary greatly through the seasons and throughout the day. For ocean and estuary paddling in particular winds, tides and currents are important factors. 

The water level and flow rate are especially significant when paddling in rivers. The Avon River, for example, can be virtually dry for long stretches during the summer but is renowned for its white water rapids during winter.

The general rule is 'you got yourself into this: you get yourself out of it.' Safety is risk management and knowing your limitations and working within them. The Australian Canoeing Safety Guidelines will give you an outline on what you should do (or not do).

The TRAIL FILTER is on the MAP page.

Paddling on the Frankland River.

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Paddle Trails in Western Australia

Trail Name Top Trail Rating Region Time Length Difficulty
Big Lagoon Paddle Trail, Francois Peron NP Coral Coast Full day 17km Moderate
Bundegi Sanctuary Kayak Trail Coral Coast Half day (Loop) -- Moderate
Burswood Paddle Trail Perth Half day (Loop) 7km Easy
Canning River Wetlands, Cannington Perth 1-3 hours 8km Easy
Coral Bay Kayak Trail Coral Coast Half day (Loop) -- Moderate
Denmark River Paddle Trail South West 1-3 hours 9km Easy
Dimond Gorge, Mornington Wilderness Camp, Kimberley North West Half day 7km Moderate
Eaton to the Cut, Kayak Trail South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 4km Easy
Elizabeth Quay Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 2km Easy
Esperance Lakes Canoe Trail Golden Outback 1-3 hours 5.5km Moderate
Frankland River Paddle,  Nornalup South West Half day 13 km Easy
Garden Island Kayak Trail, Rockingham Perth Half day 10km Moderate
Honeymoon Pool Kayak Trail. Wellington NP South West Full day 8km Moderate
Kalgan River Paddle Trail South West 1-3 hours 10km Easy
King River Paddle Trail South West 1-3 hours 8km Easy
Little Island Kayak Trail, Hillary’s Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 5km Easy
North Fremantle Paddling Trail Perth Half day (Loop) 8 km Moderate
Ord River, Kununurra North West Multiple day 45km Moderate
Osprey Sanctuary Zone Kayak Trail Coral Coast 1-3 hours (Loop) -- Moderate
Peel Region Canoe Trails This is a Top Trail Perth Half day 20km Easy
Shark Bay Kayak Trail, Denham Coral Coast Multiple day 110 km Difficult
Shoalwater Islands Marine Park Paddle Perth Half day (Loop) 8km Moderate
Tantabiddi Sanctuary Zone Kayak Trail Coral Coast Half day (Loop) -- Moderate
Taylor Inlet Paddle Trail South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 3km Easy

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