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Trail Friendly Business Membership

Trails Friendly Business Program

Trail Friendly Business Badges
Trail Friendly Business Badges

Reach over 60,000 trail users each month by accessing the benefits associated with Trail Friendly Business Membership.

The Trail Friendly Business Program is an initiative of Trails WA to make businesses that offer trail-specific products and services easily identifiable. The program is designed to direct trail users to businesses that offer a warm welcome, provide local information and allows them to restock, refresh and re-energise.

The Trail Friendly Business program is a mutually beneficial relationship for businesses and trail users across Western Australia - by combining WA’s exceptional trails with high-quality trail friendly businesses, trail users will have a superior trails experience and businesses will be able to reach their target customers more easily.

Identifying as a trail friendly business gives you priority listings and communication opportunities through Trails WA and offers more opportunities for positive reviews, social media endorsements and word of mouth across the trails community.

To speak with Trails WA about becoming a Trail Friendly Business or find out more about the program, check out the Trail Friendly Business Membership Prospectus:

Check out the prospectus here


To register your business now, complete the online application form:

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