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Trail Etiquette

Western Australia is a unique and beautiful place, and getting out on to the trails is arguably the best ways to experience it. Whether that be by vehicle, bicycle, horse, paddle craft or your own two feet is irrelevant. The important thing is to respect and protect the outdoor experience for all types of trail users. In WA some trails are dual or even multi-use trails. This might mean that you encounter other hikers, mountain bikers/gravel riders, 4WDs, trail bikes and/ or horse riders. Always check whether the trail you’re about to attempt is a shared trail, and keep these tips in mind:

Sharing the trail. Image credit: Rail Trails Australia

All trail users:

  • Always be courteous of all other trail users! Everybody is out to have some sort of adventure, how they do that is up to them
  • Give way to uphill traffic
  • Stay on the trail
  • Cyclists: Alert other users of your approach and pass on the right at a slow speed
  • If you are taking your dog, respect the local rules and ensure your dog is under control at all times
  • Respect any places of Aboriginal significance
  • Respect wildlife, flora and the natural environment
  • Be self sufficient and always plan ahead
  • Leave No Trace Principles - there are seven and they are all equally important to follow when heading out on trail
  • Say hello, and look out for one another! This is fun right? Let’s create a nice atmosphere from the first encounter

Shared Horse Trails:

  • Always give way to horse riders, and be very mindful to not startle the horse: Horses are prey animals, so assume that any encounter may cause them to feel threatened
  • Please slow down if you have spotted a rider, and announce that you are approaching
  • Talk to the rider so the horse knows you are a human - say hello!
  • Stand back off the trail if you can to let the horse and rider pass
  • Riders may ask how many vehicles, people or bikes are in the group behind you, this is just to understand what action they may need to take
  • Stay calm

Horse Riders:

  • Be mindful that other trail users will likely not be familiar with horses and therefore may be nervous
  • Talk to other trail users who are approaching you and politely let them know what they need to do
  • For more details on sharing trails with horses, check out the fantastic written guide below.

ATHRA - Sharing The Bush

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