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Aboriginal Culture

Western Australia’s history dates back more than 60,000 years with a rich Aboriginal history making it one of the oldest lands on Earth.  Aboriginal Australians have lived in harmony with the land for tens of thousands of years. The connection with the land is incredibly deep and their legendary stories are integrated in their trails.


‘Songlines’ are the Aboriginal walking routes that crossed the country, linking important sites, historical events and locations before colonisation and they run for hundreds, even thousands of kilometres – examples include the Warlu Way leads to Karijini, the songline created by the warlu – the Dreamtime serpent. 

WA has much to offer in the trails which tell the story of Aboriginal history and give safe access to ancient rock art and rock formations that tell tens of thousands of years’ worth of stories in their weathered rock faces. 


  • Karijini National Park
  • Tunnel Creek, Kimberley
  • Purnululu NP

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