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Golden Outback

Western Australia's Golden Outback Region is a unique and fascinating part of Australia. Enjoy the rich reds and yellows of the desert through to the vivid greens and blues of the Eucalypt forests and Eucla coastline.

Australia's Golden Outback region provides diverse trail tourism opportunities. The natural landscape is a dazzling display of outback plains, huge deserts and salt lakes, rugged rocky outcrops, wild woodland, and some of the whitest beaches in the world. Springtime transforms the region with a rainbow of blooming Western Australian wildflowers.

Australias Golden Outback Great Ocean Walk Trail Esperance
Great Ocean Walk & Drive Trail, Esperance | Photo Credit: Tourism WA


Visitors can immerse themselves in a fascinating and memorable mix of nature, history, adventure and discovery - all against the dramatic backdrops of blue skies, wide horizons or spectacular aquamarine beaches of Esperance.

The region is criss-crossed by roads, trails, tracks and pathways that resonate with Western Australia’s pioneering past and a fantastic range of wildflowers during the spring months of July to November.

The Golden Outback is the vast heartland of Australia. It includes places of exquisite beauty and wildness. At the very heart of Western Australia’s Golden Outback lies the modern mining hub of Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields, offering fascinating insights into the history and heritage of the wild gold rush days. And in the Wheatbelt to the west, picturesque rolling farmland is dotted with colourful rural townships, granite outcrops, farm stays and Wave Rock. 

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