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Wheatbelt & Wave Rock

Home to the world-famous Wave Rock and renowned for it's golden fields and character towns, self-drive adventures area great way to experience the unique natural landscapes of this region.

The complete outback experience awaits. The Western Australia Wheatbelt offers friendly country towns and unique natural attractions like Wave Rock, near Hyden. 

wave rock hyden
Wave Rock - Hyden Rock Trail | Photo Credit: Tourism WA

Wave Rock is an amazing rock formation stretching 100 metres and standing 15 metres high in the shape of a giant wave about to crash over the surrounding bush. Walk trails allow you to experience the granite wave formation (known as Elachbutting) close up via the Hyden Rock Trail.

The 1.4km return Breakers Trail is an easy flat well signed trail which leads to a lovely picnic spot.  It follows the Wave Rock Trail at first then branches off into an old quarry. There are great views of interesting rock formations including Wave Rock itself.

Close by is Hippo's Yawn - another unique rock structure. This trail starts at the main path to the base of Wave Rock then branches left. It goes through casuarina trees on one side and the rock outcrop that Wave Rock is but a small part of. The trail ends at Hippo’s Yawn, a large gaping mouthed shallow cave. It’s a flat easy 1030 metre trail that loops back 680 metres to the car park.

Dryandra Woodland is a must see for wildlife and nature lovers.  An important preservation site, it's home to numbats, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, echidnas, kangaroos and tawny frogmouth owls. The trail weaves its way through woodlands of wandoo, powderbark, kwongan heathlands, jarrah and stands of sheoak.

The Tin Horse Highway is a unique self-drive art trail. The 15 kilometre stretch of sealed road in Western Australia’s wheatbelt which heads east from the town of Kulin out to the location of the Kulin Bush Races Track at Jilakin Rock. The road’s official name is the Kulin - Lake Grace Road.

The Wheatbelt also comes alive in June to early November with dazzling display of wildflowers. 

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  • Breakers Trail near Hyden is an easy flat well signed trail which leads to a lovely picnic spot.

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