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A short ferry ride from Fremantle, Hillary's or even Perth CBD and you'll find yourself an entire world away on this sunny, picturesque island with some of the world's finest beaches, pristine bays and curious wildlife! Foot and bike traffic are all you'll encounter on the island - making it a sanctuary for land and water based trail users.

This iconic island was originally names after Dutch explorer, Willem de Vlamingh, mistook the island's unusual marsupial population for common rats and named it Rottnest. Little did he know that some three hundred years later having a photo taken alongside the 'rats', known as Quokkas, is one of the main attractions for visitors to the island.

Snorkel, walk or bike ride around Rottnest Island. |  Photo Credit: Tourism WA


The casual lifestyle at Rottnest translates into its nickname - 'Rotto' and it offers a playground of uncrowded beaches, caves, beaches, snorkelling and surfing options.

With over 42 kms of cycle/walk trails known as Wajemup Bidi Walking Trails - you can explore the whole island North to South, East to West. 

The island is often explored by bike, with bike hire options available and the trail is highly accessible for most users. 

Rich in Aboriginal culture and heritage, the island is more than just a pretty site and museums, barracks, war relics and railways tell Australia's more recent history. 

Snorkelling is an excellent way to explore the island's abundant marine life and colourful coral reefs and the options are plentiful. 

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