Trails: Art

From galleries and bronze statues to sculptures and graffiti, art provides rich interpretation and visual enjoyment to our experiences.

Understory, Art in Nature.

Art Trails in Western Australia

Trail Name Top Trail Rating Region Time Length Difficulty
Commonage Road Trail, Dunsborough South West 1-3 hours 10km Easy
Coogee Maritime Trail Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) .3km Easy
Golden Quest Discovery Trail, Goldfields This is a Top Trail Golden Outback Multiple day (Loop) 965km Easy
Harvey Mosaic and Mural Trail South West Half day (Loop) 140km Easy
Mandurah City Art Trail Perth 1-3 hours 1.5km Easy
Mandurah Marina Public Art Trail Perth 1-3 hours 4.5km Easy
Melville Water Riverpark Trail Perth 1-3 hours 16km Easy
Swarbrick Art Loop, Walpole Wilderness South West Less than 1 hour (Loop) .5km Easy
Understory, Art in Nature, Northcliffe This is a Top Trail South West Less than 1 hour (Loop) 1.2km Easy
Yamaji Drive Trail, Greater Geraldton Coral Coast Multiple day 195km Easy
York Self Drives - Sky O’the North Perth Half day (Loop) 96km Easy