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About Trails WA

Becoming a Trail Manager

Trail managers, Shires and visitor information centres are invited to upload their trails to the Trails WA website.

The site enables trail managers to upload their own content and to promote all well managed trails to encourage use by locals and to attract visitors to their region.

The website features a detailed profile for each trail and can be searched via multiple filters. Users can download maps for offline use, get detailed trail information, local business information and more.

What are the benefits?

The benefits for the visitor

  • Central portal for trails information to make it easy to find comprehensive, consistent information.
  • If a visitor has limited time, we identify the top trails that provide the best experiences in each region.
  • Each trail displays Trail Friendly Business listings for accommodation, services and other attractions in the area.
  • Visitors can rate, review, upload trail photos, save their favourites and share trails via social media.
  • Comprehensive links to the closest visitor centre, national parks and other relevant information.

The benefits for the tourism industry

  • Attract visitors and provide a reason to stay longer.
  • Regional Tourism Offices and Visitor Centres can highlight the trails in their region on their own websites - and link to Trails WA for the in-depth information for each trail including safety information and downloadable maps.
  • Cross-promotion - each trail provides links to the RTO website and to the closest visitor centre for more information and to book accommodation etc.
  • The Trails WA website already attracts thousands of visitors a month and is a great way to promote your region.

What trails can be uploaded?

While trails don’t have to meet all the criteria of a Top Trail, the trails should be suitable for promotion to visitors who may travel a considerable distance to use it.

Please only upload a trail if it:

  • Is a sanctioned trail.
  • Is a managed trail – i.e. someone is responsible for maintaining it and it is not overgrown or missing signage.
  • Has a defined start and finish point – preferably with a trailhead if in a park or bushland.
  • Has clear directional signage along the trail.  Or a street map for an urban trail. (KML files showing the route of the trail can be created using Google Earth.  This can be uploaded to the website to create a printable map of the trail.)
  • Is an enjoyable and/or interesting experience that people will be happy to talk about! 

How do we get our trails on to the website?

Firstly, which organisation is the most suitable to upload your trail(s) – the Shire, the visitor centre – or is there a ‘friends’ group?  Trails are always assigned to an organisation as people change. Trails can also be assigned to more than one organisation.

Secondly, who will upload the information?  This can be more than one person.  You may decide that the Shire is the most suitable organisation – but staff members from both the Shire and the Visitor Centre upload the content. 

Once uploaded – Trails can be reviewed and shared across your social media platforms and website.

We hope you will take this opportunity to promote your trails and help us to continue to keep the Trails WA website a world-class example of state-wide trail information.

To register a Trail Manager and/or Organisation, please fill out this form by clicking on the link below. 

Apply here

Can’t find something you’re looking for?

Our Explore Map tool provides a lot of detail and filters to help explorers find the best and most suitable trails. Head on over to our Explore Map for greater search capacity.

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