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Osprey Trail, Peel-Harvey Estuary Paddle Network Osprey Trail, Peel-Harvey Estuary Paddle Network

  • Full day
  • 13.5 km

The Osprey Trail is a 13.5km loop trail navigating the Peel Harvey Estuary. The estuary is a refuge for wildlife including many species of migratory birds.

The trail follows the foreshore through Sticks Channel before returning around Boundary Island which provides a good spot for a rest. There are frequent sightings of Ospreys and Dolphins along the trail.

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Commencing at the Estuary Bridge at Osprey Waters, the Osprey Trail follows the foreshore through Sticks Channel before returning around Boundary Island which provides a good spot for a rest. There are frequent sightings of Ospreys and Dolphins along the trail so keep your binoculars on hand.

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is a large raptor. The wingspan of the adult can exceed 1.5m. Ospreys are magnificent birds, with white heads and chests, distinctive light-brown necklaces around their throat areas and dark-brown upper wings. They sit, monarch-like, and survey their realm. To see an Osprey take flight from its look-out perch, skim across the water and then suddenly dive, reappearing with a fish clasped in its talons, is a dramatic and truly memorable sight. Ospreys are monogamous and are thought to mate for life. They build large nests using sticks, seaweed and man-made materials like rope and wire. Nests are most often built in large, dead trees with a commanding view of territory. The nests may remain in use for many years, with new materials being added as the seasons come and go. Sometimes, possibly due to parasites or other contamination, the adult birds will partially dismantle a nest before rebuilding it. There is concern that Ospreys are in decline throughout Australia, due to habitat tree removal.

Paddling this trail is best done in the cooler months, when tides are at their highest, rather than during holiday periods or the warmer months when power boating is very popular. Paddlers should always be aware of and avoid power boats and remember to keep clear of the wash created by them.

Please do not paddle in Creery Wetlands, as this is an important sanctuary and habitat both for resident and migratory wetland birds. Observing these wetland birds without disturbing them is best carried out on land via the boardwalks and observation points provided for this purpose. The entrance to this land based facility is off Darwin Terrace, Mariners Cove.

Mandurah Visitor Centre

(08) 9550 3999

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Be trail ready for Osprey Trail, Peel-Harvey Estuary Paddle Network

Here is everything you need to know before visiting this trail.

Time / Duration

3-4 hours


13.5km loop

What To Pack

Group F (Paddling trails) required.

Trail Start

Osprey Waters Foreshore Reserve

Get directions

Trail End

Osprey Waters Foreshore Reserve

Get directions

Hazards & Warnings

The area is generally shallow and strong winds can create waves which can be hazardous for paddlers.

Best paddled in the cooler months when tides are at the highest.

Care should be exercised at all times when paddling in boating channels which are particularly busy on weekends and holiday periods.


Paddlers should familiarise themselves with Boating Rules and Regulations contained in the official Western Australia Boating Guide.

Paddlers should keep to the right in boating channels and canals.

Use insect repellant and/or cover up to protect against mosquitos.


  • Car Park
  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Shaded Area
  • Sheltered Area
  • Water Access Points

Best time of year

Anytime of year although winter periods are best for higher tides and less vessels on the water

Trail Access

Mandurah Estuary Bridge, Access via Leisure Way, Halls Head.

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