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York Cycle Rides - The West Side Story

  • 1-3 hours
  • 3.4 km
    • Mountain Bike Easiest

A wander along the West bank of the Avon River to discover both Ballardong Noongar and settler heritage sites, this dual-use route has a choice of loops suitable for families and most fitness levels.

Have fun and a fantastic view of the river as you sashay and sway across a replica of the 1888 swing bridge
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Trail Start

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Suspension bridge, Avon Park, York. Approximately 100 kilometres and 1 hour plus from Perth.

The York Agricultural Society, who petitioned the British Government to send convicts to WA, held their Annual Show and fair here until the 1890s, when Municipal Gardens were developed. It's now a great spot for a family outing and picnic,with natureplay area, skatepark and BBQs. Photo: / Shire of York

Warning - unstable surface - it swings!
Cyclists dismount. Have fun and a fantastic view of the river as you sashay and sway across! This is a replica of the first suspension bridge erected in 1888 nearer to the current South Street roadbridge. Photo: Karina Leonhardt

The forge run by the Peacock brothers was well positioned to take advantage of passing trade in repairs of horse-drawn vehicles and shoeing horses, as it was situated beside the ford crossing and Monger's Bridge. Photo: Shire of York

Bilya means bellybutton, the umbilical cord, the source of life. For thousands of years a rich source of food and water for the Ballardong people. Photo: Karina Leonhardt

For those who want a shorter walk, look for the marker to take you to Avon Terrace via River Street.

Andrew Stewart, builder, established a brickworks near here, on the land between Avon Terrace and the river.
Photo: York Residency Museum

James Mosley operated a cordial and pickle factory near here, producing 'Swallow' Brand Aereated Waters. The bottles were stoppered with a round glass ball, eagerly collected by small children as 'marbles'. Photo: Trove Newspapers, National Library of Australia, Eastern Districts Chronicle, 28/12/1901

Corroborrees (important social and spiritual gatherings) were traditionally held in this area beside the deep 'Mile Pool' a highly significant place for the Ballardong Noongar people. Photo: Debbie Matthews.

At the marker, turn left onto Water Street to emerge on Avon Terrace.

Photo: Debbie Matthews

The well was in this area, exact location unknown. In 1878, a newspaper report said: 'there is a great traffic to and from it all the day through, and altogether it is a blessing in the absence of rain....' It may have looked similar to this one which is typical of many late C19th wells in the Shire of York. Photo: Aiden Gentle

Ex-convict Amos Bradshaw established a flourishing business on this site, which ran until at least 1916. He made coffins as well as horse drawn vehicles and offered a funeral service with a horse-drawn hearse 'available at the shortest notice'. Photo: York Residency Museum

Run by Mr. A. Slocombe throughout the 1920s. Mrs. Slocombe's claim to fame was newspaper advertisements that quoted her praising 'Doan's Backache Kidney Pills'. Did she get the backache from lifting bricks, we wonder? Photo: Debbie Matthews

Here, J.H. Monger ran a thriving trade in sandalwood, a fragrant timber known as 'the poor man's moneybox' during the nineteenth century. Only the stable block now remains, along with the relocated Tipperary schoolhouse and York Society's Archives Centre. Photo: Shire of York

On this site, Joseph Monger built a replica of Faversham House owned by his brother John Henry Monger Jnr., supposedly just to irritate him. All that remains now is the stone-built billiard room. Photo:

Between the Sandalwood Yards and Monger's Store look out for a great view of Faversham House. John Henry Monger built his home with the assistance of convict labour. Extended by successive generations of the Monger family and used as a convalescent home for servicemen during WW2. Photo: Debbie Matthews

Memorial rose garden created by the York branch of the RSL to commemorate those who served in two World wars. Lest We Forget.
Photo: Shire of York

Now missing its once-grand façade, it's hard to imagine the flourishing store opened by John Henry Monger. This area became known as 'Monger's Town' as his 'empire' extended to the nearby Sandalwood Yards. Photo: York Residency Museum

Turn back down Christie Retreat to return to the suspension bridge and Avon Park.
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Starting from the suspension bridge in Avon Park, the riverside trail is mostly flat with a dirt or gravel surface and is dual use for walkers and cyclists.

Markers reveal the sites of several long-gone industries and the ford crossing (usually passable from October - April) is a great spot for viewing waterbirds.

Ideal for families, leisure cyclists and mountain bikers, this easy route has a choice of loops varying from 0.7 kilometres to 3.4 kilometres which return along Avon Terrace, a bitumen street dotted with quaint C19th historic cottages, to Avon Park with its facilities, picnic areas, play areas and skatepark. 

York is just over an hour’s drive from Perth through beautiful bush and rolling farmland and has several linking walk and cycle trails that you can mix and match to suit yourself.

York Visitor Centre

(08) 9641 1301

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Be trail ready for York Cycle Rides - The West Side Story

Here is everything you need to know before visiting this trail.

Time / Duration

Time will depend on the route chosen


Shorter loops of .7 and 1.7 kilometres can be selected

What To Pack

Group A (Urban trails or short trails near facilities) required.

Trail Start

Suspension bridge, Avon Park, York. Approximately 100 kilometres and 1 hour plus from Perth.

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Trail End

Suspension bridge, Avon Park, York. Approximately 100 kilometres and 1 hour plus from Perth.

Mountain Bike


Likely to be a fire road or wide single track with a gentle gradient, smooth surface and free of obstacles. Frequent encounters are likely with other cyclists, walkers, runners and horse riders. For beginner/novice cyclists in good health with basic bike skills. Suitable for most bikes.

Hazards & Warnings

Cyclists dismount when crossing the suspension bridge, - it swings! Optional ford crossing in summer months only (usually passable from October to April ) cyclists dismount as surface is rocky and unstable. Beware snakes in summer months.


Avon Park has toilets, play equipment, water and picnic facilities making it an ideal base for this short cycle ride (or walk).
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Dog Friendly
  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Water Access Points

Best time of year

All year round. Temperatures can be hot in January and February.


Trail Access

Road 2WD to York, Walk or cycle from town.

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