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 AQWA the Aquarium of Western Australia

91 Southside Drive, Perth Western Australia 6025, Australia
Phone: (08) 9447 7500 |

Explore 12,000 kilometres of Western Australia's coastline in just one day at the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)! From the icy waters of the southern ocean to the tropical wonderland of coral reefs in the Far North, AQWA takes you on an underwater journey to discover the incredible and unique marine life of Western Australia. AQWA is broken up into five areas to explore, each representing a unique region of Western Australia's coastline; the great southern coast, Perth coast, shipwreck coast, Far North coast and Marmion Marine Park. There are more than 40 stunning exhibits including one of the largest living coral reef exhibits in the world and AQWA's shipwreck coast - Australia's largest aquarium. It is also the tenth largest in the world! In total AQWA holds more than four million litres of water and is home to more than 4,000 fish.


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AQWA the Aquarium of Western Australia