Butterflies, Birds & Bridges Trail, Canning River Pk

About the Trail

The Canning River Regional Park extends 6km along both sides of the Canning River, between Shelley Bridge and Nicholson Road Bridge. The Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Loop encompasses a broad range of the park's ecosystems. The Kent St Weir was built in 1928 to prevent salt water moving upstream and destroying the alluvial soils of the market gardens. This is where the trail begins and immediately the estuarine tolerant plant species of samphires, soft needled swamp sheoak and salt-tolerant melaleucas can be seen transitioning into freshwater dominant species of flooded gums, river banksia and freshwater melaleucas. The trail takes you through the freshwater region, past wetlands constructed to improve the health of the river, parkland and tidal lagoons, to the Greenfield Street Bridge, where you cross over the river and return to the weir on the opposite side of the river.

This wheelchair friendly trail is popular with cyclists, walkers and bird-watchers. The park itself has 97 species of birds, which is approximately half the number of species recorded on the Swan Coastal Plain, many of these birds using the area to breed in.  Commonly spotted waterbirds include cormorants, swamp hens, ibis, pelican, egret, ducks and spoonbills.

Although the trail can be completed in little over an hour and a half, a full day can be spent in the area exploring the many attractions.  Picnic facilities are located at several places along the trail.  Wilson Park the area surrounding Kent St Weir has many attractions including the Canning River Eco Education Centre, Canning River Cafe and the Castledare Miniature Railway.

The river is also popular with canoeists, with designated canoe launch areas located at Riverton Bridge, Kent St Weir, Masons Landing, Hester Park and more further downstream of Shelley Bridge. A canoe trail exists from the Mt Henry Bridge to Hester Park past Nicholson Road.

In addition, several other walk trails can be completed while on this trail including the Banksia Hill Loop Walk trail and the Woodles Walk Trail.

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