Top Trail:  Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range NP


Located in the Stirling Range National Park, Bluff Knoll is the third highest and one of the most spectacular peaks in Western Australia. The trail features include abundant wildflowers, birdlife, reptiles, exceptional scenery and views of the Stirling Ranges and geological formations.

About the Trail

Formed more than 1000 million years ago, Bluff Knoll reaches 1095m above sea level and is the highest peak in the range.  Due to its height and proximity to the south coast, the climate in the range differs from that of the surrounding district.  As a result of this unique topography and climate, over 1000 species of wildflowers and flowering plants thrive within the park including Mountain Bells and the Queen of Sheba Orchid. Information shelters in the park provide information about the plant and animal life in the area and guide you to sites of interest.

The Bluff Knoll walk starts at a large trailhead interpretive shelter and the path from there is very easy to follow.  The weather can often surprise you: no matter how hot you may feel in the car park before beginning the climb, take a sweater with you. Mountain mists, wind chill and rain can occur on the mountains at any time and there are even snow falls most winters on the peaks.

There are also opportunities for overnight walks given favourable weather and conditions. Discuss options and check current trail conditions with a Department of Parks and Wildlife Ranger (phone 08 9827 9230 or 08 9827 9278) whose office is at Park Headquarters (near Moingup Springs by the park campsite off Chester Pass Road). Walkers must register.

Visit the Explore Parks website for details of other walks in the area.

Need to Know