Top Trail:  Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range NP

About the Trail

Bluff Knoll is the most popular trail in the Stirling Range NP. Starting from the southern end of the Bluff Knoll car park the trail drops down to a creek, before taking you across a mountain saddle with amazing views over the ridge to the south coast. 

From here the trail turns left and follows the ridge all the way to the summit, where you will be rewarded with stunning 360 degree views over the surrounding countryside.

The lower slopes are covered with eucalypt, banksia and grass trees. Over 1000 species of flowering plants thrive within the park including Mountain Bells and the Queen of Sheba Orchid. 

It is often much colder and windier at the summit and conditions can change rapidly, so check the weather forecast and go prepared with a warm jacket. 

Sunrise and sunset hikes are very popular and if you are lucky you may witness the amazing cloud waterfall that is common in these ranges.

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