Murchison River Gorge Walk

About the Trail

The Murchison River Gorge Walk is a 38km trail from Ross Graham Lookout to The Loop, through the dramatic landscape of Kalbarri National Park. With no marked trail or route this hike provides ample challenges to test experienced walkers. 

Extensive pre-planning is essential, as well as experience with route-finding, general navigation and locating drinking water sources along the way. A high level of fitness is required due to the physical challenges; including rock-hopping up and down the many narrow rock ledges high above the river while carrying a heavy pack; chimneying up and through narrow rock crevices; trudging through soft sand; and regularly stripping off to float your back-pack across the river when swimming becomes necessary where the gorge narrows and the walls steepen. 

The full walk typically takes 4 days though can be done as shorter two-day walks, with lighter packs. Permission is required before embarking on this challenge. The Parks and Wildlife Rangers in Kalbarri are the best source of information on safely walking in the gorge.

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