Top Trail:  Lesueur Walk Trail, Lesueur NP


This walk showcases an abundance of wildflowers in spring along with interesting land formations and spectacular views to the Indian Ocean from the top of Mount Lesueur. A mecca for wildflower enthusiasts with over 820 species, including plants not found anywhere else in the world.

View of Lesueur National Park

View of Lesueur National Park

About the Trail

Lesueur Walk Trail is located in the Lesueur National Park, approximately 30 kilometres from Jurien Bay, a three-hour drive north of Perth, Western Australia.

After driving half of the Lesueur Scenic Drive, you arrive at Drummonds recreation area at the foot of the Gairdner Range. There is a trailhead including interpretive signs explaining the biodiversity and natural heritage values of the region which is renowned internationally for its floral diversity.  This diversity is threatened by the soil-born plant disease dieback, which can be spread by the movement of infected soil. Please ensure all vehicles, boots and walking equipment are free of soil, dirt and other plant material before entering the park and make use of the boot baths at the start of the trail.

The first 250m of the trail leads to the Wilson lookout and is wide and bituminized, suitable for prams and wheelchairs. The remainder of the four-kilometre trail is sandy and leads towards the flat top hill (mesa). The initial section is flat but then climbs up the slope of Mount Lesueur via switchback. The summit is across the top of the mesa on the other side to the ascent and rewards walkers with spectacular views.

Contact the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Jurien Bay on 08 9688 6000 if you are planning an overnight walk in the park. 

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