Chapman River, Geraldton


A local favourite for a quick lap or three of undulating cross country mountain biking.
You’ll also discover a skills park and pump track dirt jumps. This trail is dual direction please, check the info page for more information.

Chapman River

Crossing the bridge on a loop of the trails at Chapman River

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About the Trail

Most riders park at Spalding Park on the western side of the Coastal Highway and use the pedestrian bridge to access the north side of the river. Proceeding in a clockwise direction you head along the limestone escarpment with several tracks meandering along the top but all going in the same general direction.

There are several bridges along the track that can be used to cross over to the southern side of the river and head back to the start. The southern side is lower lying on a clay based soil and tends to be a faster more flowing affair. 

This trail is dual direction, please follow the local rules accordingly:

  • On even dates (ie. 2nd, 4th, etc), you must travel in a clockwise direction
  • On odd dates (ie. 7th, 9th, etc), you must go in an anticlockwise direction.

Need to Know