War Years Drive Trail, Geraldton to Mullewa

About the Trail

Geraldton has had a long association with the military and war, beginning as early as 1629 when a brave group of soldiers rose against the mutineers of the shipwrecked Batavia.

“Geraldtonians” have continued to serve their country in the various theatres of war.  However, it was World War II that brought long-lasting change to the City and surrounding district. When Australia joined WW II, sections of Geraldton and a large portion of the countryside were commandeered for war purposes. At this time Geraldton only had a resident population of 5000, but a large military personnel contingent rapidly became established in the region.

The sinking of HMAS Sydney II off Shark Bay in November 1941 came as a huge shock for the entire country and today a Military Memorial of National Significance commemorates the memory of the 645 men who lost their lives during the engagement with HSK Kormoran off the WA coast.

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