Silent Grove Walk Trail, Kimberley


Silent Grove Creek Walk follows a rainforest-lined creek starting at the Silent Grove camping area. At only 200 metres in length one-way, this walk allows people a little taste of the Kimberley’s rich rainforest diversity. The trail is uneven and bit muddy in places, making it a Grade 3 rating.

Silent Grove Campsite

Silent Grove Campsite

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

Silent Grove Creek Walk follows a creek line starting at the Silent Grove Camping Area. The permanently running creek is fed from rainfall-runoff and natural springs coming from rocky hills behind Silent Grove.

Because of its consistent water supply, the creek supports lush remnant rainforest. There are many rainforest patches throughout the Kimberley, mostly inaccessible to tourists.

This very short 200-metre one-way trail allows people an easy way of experiencing rainforest plants and animals, especially birds. Find a place to sit quietly and enjoy birdwatching, either early morning or late afternoon.

Silent Grove Creek’s reliable water supply was well known to the local indigenous people and stockman from Mount Hart cattle station. The clear flowing water is very pure and supplies the campsite drinking water. Please no swimming or littering.

Need to Know