Top Trail:    Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, Perth Hills

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Nick Stenhouse


I really enjoyed this trail, we rode it in a clockwise direction it wasn't very technical, on wide rail trail gradually sloping up so it wasn't a difficult climb. Make sure you take a light if you want to ride through the tunnel! Got a bit lost going to Sawyers Valley but was easy enough to find the way back onto the trail. Great time of the year to ride it, saw lots of walkers and parks in the towns are full of kids! Pullled in for a coffee in Mundaring before a great descent back to the Bellevue RSL. A very leisurely 40+km with great scenery.

Colleen Smith


This is a lovely half day ride on a mostly gently trail. The southern side of the loop has some looshish pea gravel and a few washouts on it, but they are very manageable. I rode this in a clockwise direction which made for a gentle and steady up hill climb (north side), followed by an enjoyable downhill coast (south side). It is reasonably popular with walkers and the odd horse rider, so please expect to see them and be respectful and share the trail.

Chris C


I have to disagree with the indication that this trail is somewhat lacking in excitement, or challenges for that matter. Im a firm believer that your experience of anything changes with both your skill level and what you are willing to get out of your ride. However, a cross country or downhill track this is not. It is simply a very enjoyable, long distance ride over mostly smooth and low grade gravel. But it is certainly not devoid of excitement. On my maiden run yesterday I did find an assortment of jumps, technical drops, lots of fast, 30-35 km/h downgrades, and even some scary out of control corners. They are there if you have the skill level and are willing to keep your eye open for them. Enjoy this for what it is - a fun day out on the bike rolling through lots of scenery. Just as a side tip if you are not fully experienced in long distance rides make sure you are well prepared. Take at least 2 litres of water, puncture repairs, and chocoloate bars or energy gels. Know when to take your rest stops.

Tim Villa


40km of very basic low gradient rail trail is what you should expect here. Nothing technical, nothing challenging, but with many moments of breathtaking scenery (Hovea Falls in particular) and opportunities to stop for a coffee, lunch or a pint at John Forrest Tavern and Mounties (Mt Helena) on the north side or sundry other locations along the southern section. When ridden clockwise you have a nice long descent from Sawyers Valley to Bellevue which, if ridden counter clockwise, makes for a reasonable training loop with some effort required if you want to maintain a decent pace. You'll find little to excite you, but it's nonetheless a pleasant trail.

steve bennett


A favourite of mine is the Pechey Rd and 6kms east through the national park. Great view of Perth, waterfalls, jarrah forrest and the 400 m old railway tunnel.

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