Plateau Loop Trail, Coalseam Conservation Park


This 3.2km return walk trail in Coalseam Conservation Park is renowned for its spectacular spring wildflower display and fascinating geological history.  The trail meanders through a rare eucalypt woodland and takes visitors to a plateau ridge to enjoy sweeping valley views over a majestic landscape.  Look carefully and walk quietly to discover some of the park’s birds and reptiles along the way.

A carpet of colour as far as the eye can see.

A carpet of colour as far as the eye can see.

Photo Credit: Parks and Wildlife Service

About the Trail

Coalseam Conservation Park is 2WD accessible and one of the few areas where black coal can be seen on the Earth’s surface.  This trail takes you past one of the original coal mines of the area before guiding you on a gently upward sloping path through a sparse york gum woodland that forms part of the eucalypt woodlands of the Western Australian wheatbelt threatened ecological community. 

Once widespread, these trees and their understorey are remnants of a vegetation type that is now in danger of being lost forever.  In spring, carpets of a variety of everlastings and other wildflowers light the trailside with colour. On the plateau top, the trail leads through carpets of yellow pompom-head everlastings to take in a majestic view over the valley. Take time to stop and enjoy the sweeping views before completing the loop.

The trail leaves from miners campground where visitors can stay a night or two to enjoy the rest of the park.  Visit the Explore Parks website for more details.

Coalseam Conservation Park is located 115km inland from Geraldton, approximately 30km northeast of Mingenew or 60km south of Mullewa.  

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