Mini Palms, Purnululu NP


The Mini Palms Gorge Trail is a 4.4km return trail that culminates at an amphitheatre engulfed by 200metre walls of rock. From the lookout, you can see the mini palms growing in the sand below. You can start from Echidna Chasm, but it may be better to drive to a closer parking spot to cut off time in the heat.

Mini Palms

Entrance to Mini Palms gorge

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

Taking the trail into Mini Palms Gorge is one of the best ways of experiencing the sheer scale of the Bungle Bungle escarpment. The first bit of the trail follows a stony creek bed and it can get quite hot.

For an added adventure the path takes you scrambling around and over huge fallen boulders. These boulders are made up of a conglomerate of smaller rocks cemented together by hardened mud of millennia. Ever present are towering gorge walls glowing red and tall elegant Livistona palms.

This trail is a constant feast of scenic and geological highlights. The trail ends at a high point overlooking an amphitheatre enclosed by majestic walls of rock. The viewing platform is as far as you go, as walking along the gorge floor is off-limits to the public. Trampling feet can damage tiny palms that somehow survive floods that pound through here in the wet season.

Need to Know