Mandu Mandu Walk, Cape Range NP, Exmouth

About the Trail

By far most visitors to Exmouth focus their attention on the incredible marine environment of Ningaloo Reef. There are however some landbased attractions worth looking at. One of these attractions is a great walk that goes up Mandu Mandu Gorge deep into Cape Range National Park.

The walk trail begins 14 kilometres south of Milyering Discovery Centre on the Yardie Creek Road. From the carpark, the trail enters the dry creek bed of loose water-smoothed rocks. On both sides sheer vibrant red cliffs rise dramatically. The trail has markers along the way as the route is not easily descernable with all those rocks.

Look carefully and you may see rare rock wallabies in shady areas of the gorge walls. After a while the trail rises steeply out of the gorge onto the plateau where numerous flowering plants can be seen. Its a bit of a hard slog, but don't think the worse is over just because you made it to the top. There are several steep ups and downs to negotiate before getting back to the carpark. 

It is highly recommended that this walk be done early in the day as it is often extremely hot. 

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