Hill Springs, Cape Arid National Park


Hill Springs walk is a 500m return walk to the ruins of the historic Hill Springs. The views from the lookout over the Recherche Archipelago and behind to Mt Arid are spectacular.

Thomas Fishery track

Red Swamp Banksia ( Banksia occidentalis)

Photo Credit: Emma Rowe

About the Trail

Built in 1905 by John Baesjou, Hill Springs was occupied by his family until 1910. The trail also visits the grave of William Ponton, John's uncle through marriage.   

The start of the walk from the car park can often be overgrown with ferns and watch out for ticks along the walk. Walk trail surface consists of natural pavements made up of rock material including exposed granite and gravel. The trail is unmarked but vegetation has been cleared to delineate the path.

Need to Know