Grevillea Gorge, Charnley Station, Kimberley


As with most of the walk trails on Charnley River-Artesian Range Wildlife Sanctuary, Grevillea Gorge Walk Trail is very short, only 360 metres one-way. But in its short distance there is a great view at a lookout into a deep gorge with a big pool. Getting to the gorge floor requires some climbing and negotiating a metal ladder. The trail is exceptionally well marked so easy to follow. 

The ladder into Grevillea Gorge

Care is required when climbing down the ladder

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

The Grevillea Gorge Walk Trail is short, only 360 metres one-way. Despite that, there’s plenty to see. A very short detour takes you to a rock ledge with commanding views into the Grevillea Gorge. Be careful, as there is no railing.

This is a great spot to view the incredible erosive forces of wet season flooding over millennia. A big sweeping curve in the steep gorge wall is vivid testament of the fact.

The trail continues down into the gorge via some rock scrambling and a solid metal ladder, which bypasses a steep section. Off the ladder, you can walk around shallow water pools, which becomes a wet season torrent that plunges over a ledge into the gorge proper. Do not attempt to climb down the waterfall even if it is dry. It’s very steep and slippery.  This gorge is a stunning place to take your time and explore.  

Need to Know