Demboong Banan Trail, Mirima NP, Kununurra


Just on the outskirts of Kununurra is a rugged series of ranges in Mirima National Park. This is a short sharp trail taking about 10 minutes to complete. Most people take a bit longer to admire the view overlooking Kununurra.

Walking through Mirima National Park

The trail weaves through the interesting rock formations

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

The name of this trail comes from the local Indigenous Miriuwung people. Demboong means Gap and Banan means Trail. This short well-marked trail goes through a small gap between eroded sandstone ranges to a lookout over Kununurra.

Birds are prolific throughout Mirima, especially early morning, which is also a good time to walk to beat the heat. In the valley where the trail begins you may be lucky enough to see families of colourful variegated fairy-wrens flittering in and out of acacia trees and turkey bush. As you climb, you will see and hear rock pigeons.   

Despite its short nature, care should be taken as the trail is broken up with rock and uneven surfaces. For that reason it gets a Grade 3. 

Need to Know