Stacey’s Loop, Jarrahdale

About the Trail

Stacey's Loop is one of the lesser known trails in the Perth Hills but one that many probably walk part of without knowing, as it forms part of the Kitty's Gorge Trail up at the Jarrahdale section within Serpentine National Park. 

It is an easy 1.9km loop trail that winds through beautiful jarrah forest and over several bridges that cross Gooralong Brook. 

Originally a timber mill town in 1872, Jarrahdale is now a historic town using its jarrah trees for tourism instead of logging. The trail follows a blue triangle with boot markers but has 10 numbered posts highlighting points of interest or directional changes.

It's a beautiful walk best done in late winter/spring when the brook is flowing and wildflowers are in abundance. The trail is setup to be done anti-clockwise.

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