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Kitty’s Gorge, Serpentine NP Kitty’s Gorge, Serpentine NP

Bush Walk

Trail Running
 in Perth & Surrounds
Peel, Perth Hills

  • 1-3 hours
  • 17 km
    • Bush Walk Class 4

      Difficult trail with rough surface that may have very steep hills or extensive rock hopping. Directional signage may be limited. Bushwalking experience, navigation and emergency first aid skills, and good fitness required.

Kitty’s Gorge is an iconic walk trail located in Serpentine National Park. The 17 kilometre (return) trail will take you through a variety of landscapes, passing granite outcrops and waterfalls, with many photo opportunities, particularly when the Gooralong Brook is flowing and wildflowers are booming.

Kittys Gorge Serpentine N P S O J 1
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The Kitty’s Gorge Trail is among the most popular trails in WA and Perth Hills, perfect for a day hike. It follows the Serpentine River and Gooralong Brook through woodlands, granite outcrops, and many waterfalls. Wildflowers and stunning fungis could be spotted in Springs or Autumn for those in no hurry. 

Few steep sections on uneven ground requires a degree of fitness, particularly when hiking at a fast pace or trail running. 

The trail can be accessed from either the carpark opposite the Jarrahdale Cemetery or from the Serpentine Falls carpark. From the trailhead at Jarrahdale Cemetery, you could explore the easier 1.9 kilometre Stacey's Loop.

Visit Jarrahdale

A series of beautiful trails on Noongar Country, around the historic Jarrahdale township, where you can choose to walk, trot and pedal — all within an hour from the CBD. All you need to do is step outside.

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Jarrahdale General Store Tourist Information Centre

(08) 9525 5114

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Be trail ready for Kitty’s Gorge, Serpentine NP

Here is everything you need to know before visiting this trail.

Time / Duration

Factors influencing time includes the directions (uphill from Serpentine Falls/downhill from Jarrahdale Cemetery)


8.5km one way or 17km return

What To Pack

Group B - Hiking & Long Distance Trails (Bushwalks and/or longer trails) required.

Trail Start

Jarrahdale Cemetery car park, Serpentine NP, 60km (1 hour) from CBD

Get directions

Trail End

Serpentine Falls, Serpentine NP

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Bush Walk

Class 4

Difficult trail with rough surface that may have very steep hills or extensive rock hopping. Directional signage may be limited. Bushwalking experience, navigation and emergency first aid skills, and good fitness required.

Visit Trail Tips for further information.

Difficulty Notes

The trail is uphill and more challenging from Serpentine Falls to Jarrahdale Cemetery

Hazards & Warnings

Few technical and steeper sections, with roots, stones and uneven ground.

Wooden and metal boardwalks can be slippery after the rain.


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car Park
  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet

Best time of year

All year round


Entry fees to Serpentine National Park. if starting the walk from that end

Trail Access

Sealed Road.

Prohibited Items

No pets or bikes allowed

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23 trail goers have rated Kitty’s Gorge, Serpentine NP as 4.35 out of 5!

We love to hear from people who've been on our Western Australian trails, so it would be most appreciated it if you wanted to leave a review.

Philip Nugent

Reviewed 7 Aug 2023, 11:07am

An awesome little hike or trail run that has a wee bit of everything
Tyson Gregory

Reviewed 9 Apr 2023, 7:55pm

It was a good, nice working hike and some of the views were absolutely amazing.
Jannah Cooper

Reviewed 6 Oct 2022, 4:53pm

Beautiful bushwalk. It was a cooler day today, and I was glad. Also, being October, the falls were all flowing and the flowers in bloom, and everything was lush and green, but the path wasn’t muddy and difficult!

We started at Serpentine falls, and did the trip return. The first section was very steep, and other sections had uneven ground, and up and down bits that put the knees and ankles to work. Took us 5.5 hours, including stopping for morning tea and lunch, and going very slowly on the way back.

There were no toilets at the Jarrahdale end, and nowhere to sit to eat. There’s two old toilet blocks close to the end at jarrahdale, but both are completely destroyed and haven’t been used for a long time.

Highly recommend.
Allana Hetherington

Reviewed 25 Sep 2022, 8:41pm

A lovely spring walk from Jarrahdale return. So much to see and enjoy
Conor Donaghy

Reviewed 10 Aug 2022, 7:50pm

A really enjoyable hike with an ever changing scenery. This is especially noticeable with the changing seasons, as the river goes from dry in summer, to flowing and waterfalling in winter.
Profile photo for Xavier Clayton
Xavier Clayton

Reviewed 22 Jun 2022, 9:05pm

Great trail very scenic. Only downside is that you have to pay a $15 private vehicle fee due to it being a national park
Chelle Fisher

Reviewed 7 Jun 2022, 8:33pm

Love this trail. Started from the Jarrahdale cemetery and walked to the falls and return.
kiza kizic

Reviewed 1 Aug 2020, 8:39pm

Magical WA tracks, probably only one I know of on par with European alpine hikes. I recommend starting at the crack of the dawn to experience the forest and the falls at their best as well as to beat the traffic that suddenly picks up around 9-10am. 16km return trip is fairly strenuous but doable. BBQ facilities and toilets at the Serpentine fall end. Hiking poles advisable although I managed without them.
Allan Boyd

Reviewed 14 Oct 2019, 9:08am

This was a solid 4-5 hour return hike for us. We did the return trip from Jarradale Cemetery to the Serpentine Falls carpark and back in mid October. The steepest (and heart-rate elevating!) section is the pipeline climb from the Falls carpark back up to to the trail, but its only a couple hundred metres. The rest of the hike is a good walk mostly through jarrah/marri forest following the brook/creek,which can be heard almost the entire way. Lots of bush , flowers and birds - and in some parts the foliage closes in on the track. Well signposted. Many rocky-path sections to get stuck into and work out your calves! And in other areas you can break into a jog! Several waterfalls to look at, and the flowing water was clear and refreshing. Well maintained path. We saw a black snake about 1.5 metres long (probably a dugite) crossing the wide track not far from the Falls, as well as a decent sized lizard in the rocks in the same area. There are NO TOILETS at the Cemetery end of the trail. Also keep an eye out for ticks. Excellent hike.
John Brennan

Reviewed 2 Oct 2018, 1:24pm

Excellent walk along the brook. Visit after rainfall. We started at the cemetery and only walked for a little over an hour before backtracking.
Dave Reid

Reviewed 25 Jun 2018, 10:29am

Great walk that takes you down to Serpentine Falls - The top pool above the falls is a great lunch spot on a hot day (WARNING - Stay away from the edge as the rocks ARE slippery and even more so when damp). Track down from Gooralong can be a bit rough in places. To turn it into a loop cross the Serpentine River, turn left, and follow the maintenance track Eastwards - Big pipe on your right and river on your left. You will eventually come to Scarp Road, turn left, cross the bridge and you will see a pumping station and a track following a small bore pipe that goes straight up the hill. This hill is not for the faint hearted and watch out for mountain bikers. When you get to the top just follow the trail and out onto the road. Turn left on the road and make your way to the pub for a well earned beer.
Bree Abbott

Reviewed 22 Jan 2018, 7:46am

A nice hike we did on a 35 degree day. Lots of shade from the trees but you still need a good hat, decent walking shoes and suncream. When you get close to Serpentine falls make sure you take the steps that go down the ridge rather than the long way around. Beautiful views. There are toilets to change into your bathers past the main car park as well. I needed about 3 litres of water in that heat. There were also little pockets of water to take a dip along the track which was a nice relief from the heat..

When walking back, you really need to keep an eye out for the path that follows the river (just after crossing the bridge). The sign is really faded and you cant see it. The first time I did this hike I missed it and walked all the way up the hill thinking we were lost. We had wandered off the main track but tried our luck and kept going. Eventually after a series of endless hills and lots of turns left we made it out towards the front of the trail. This time I saw the faded sign and went the right way. Both ways are fine, the hill trail a little more strenuous.

We walked from the cemetery to the falls an back. With a pint at the Jarrahdale pub afters - a great little pub.
Vickie Perry

Reviewed 10 Dec 2017, 11:23am

Beautiful place
Peter Doan

Reviewed 1 Jun 2017, 12:42am

Completed this walk on 3 May 2017. Great walk that doesn't have significant elevation change. Average level of walking fitness is very suitable. It was very dry when completing this walk so I'd recommend coming after some heavy rain or late winter.

Started off at the Jarrahdale cemetry. Allow 4.5 hours + breaks.
Emma Adams

Reviewed 7 Jul 2016, 4:57pm

A pretty great walk. I generally prefer loop trails to one-way tracks, but this was still good. The trail itself is fairly flat and easy to maintain a good pace on. We started at the cemetery and stopped for a lengthy lunch in Serpentine NP, so it took us about 5 hours return. Unfortunately we went before the winter rains had started, so didn't get too see much water flowing along the river/brook. Plan to do this again after a rainy period, as I think it will be a much different trail. Highly recommend.
Jaydon Battersby

Reviewed 18 Jun 2016, 9:50am

Amazing walk with a heap of different types of scenery. If you're looking for an added extra then I would suggest walking up the hills on the 4wd track when you get to the cleared valley. There are some spectacular views from about halfway up the hills straight down the valley towards serpentine falls.
Don Marsh

Reviewed 18 May 2016, 4:41pm

The walk trail from Serpentine Falls to Jarrahdale is very pleasant but it is very poorly marked so study your maps before you go. It is easy to go off on a wrong direction.
Emma Dixon

Reviewed 19 Jul 2015, 9:24pm

We enjoyed the trail however from the cemertary at Jarradahl to Serptine Falls is 8.25 kms each way
Andrew Toh

Reviewed 17 Apr 2015, 10:22am

Decent trail with gradual slopes, makes for easy hiking. Scenery is quite nice, best to go in winter after some rain to catch the cascading waterfalls. For a challenge, try trail running instead of walking.
Cameron Broad

Reviewed 20 Oct 2014, 2:20pm

Awesome Trail!!! As mentioned by others it isn't a loop, just a return trip but still amazing. The signage makes it very easy to follow and there are great views along the way. Highly recommended!
Kate Aylward

Reviewed 9 Oct 2014, 10:24am

I loved this beautiful track. Yes, there were obvious ares that were in need of / under repair. The Gooralong Park picnic area was certainly a bit of an eyesore with piles of concrete and wood and graffiti'd toilet and shower block. Would be great if this area was back up and running. The fenced off historic mud brick house was all the more intriguing.
I had an enjoyable time tramping along this organic track, water flowing and lilies galore. Took me just over 3 hours return (at pace).
As mentioned by Dawn above, it is not a loop, just a return track.
I used google to get me there and it took me down to Millbrook winery, which is past the track start point in Jarrahdale. Make sure you stop and park opposite the cemetery.
Dawn Green

Reviewed 27 Sep 2014, 2:21pm

Gorgeous gorge walk, with ever-changing landscapes to marvel at along the way and one well worth repeating again and again.

When we passed through (26 Sept 14) the Gooralong Park picnic area was in the process of being cleaned up so hopefully in a short while it will once again be a lovely spot to stop and take a breather and there appeared to have been some recent trail maintenance as well, such as controlling weeds.

Please note: the TrailsWA trail map for Kitty Gorge indicates this is a loop trail, however this is not the case.
You can walk from either Jarrahdale or Serpentine Falls but it's a one-way track 7 km in length (14 km return).
Michael F

Reviewed 1 Jul 2014, 10:35am

Great scenery, varied terrain, and always great to see water flowing of the various falls and cascades.
On the downside:
- the now derelict Gooralong Park picnic area has become a dangerous tip. Needs to be thoroughly cleaned up, and possibly re-opened. Toilets at that end would be a boon!
- boardwalks on the KG track are showing signs of breaking down. Various treads are broken or missing. One bridge crossing is closed and simply taped off.
- many weeds (blackberry, lilies, cotton bush) spoil the otherwise great watercourse views. Blackberries are encroaching on the path itself and catch the unwary.
Top trail? Could be if it was better maintained.

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