Hyden Rock Walk, Hyden


This walk trail takes you to the top of Wave Rock and offers stunning views out across the surrounding farmland, remnant bushland and salt lakes. The trail is fairly easy gentle slope, with a couple of short steep sections where a chain is provided to assist walkers up and down and some steps to navigate.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

The Hyden Rock Walk Trail is a great short trail for people seeking an overall perspective other than just a photo oportunity in front of the wave formation itself. Besides expansive views, you get to see odd rock formations and in warm weather plenty of scurrying dragon lizards.

There are two loops. The shorter loop is 860 metres long in total from the carpark. The second loop is 1300 metres. The routes are well marked, over slopping granite which can be slippery after rain. Read the interperative signage along the way to learn about the rock formations and the fascinating plants and animals. Be aware that there is some accending and descending involved.

Need to Know