Honeymoon Pool Kayak Trail. Wellington NP

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Jan van der Schaar avatar

Jan van der Schaar


We launched our three kayaks up river from the jumping platform, paddled up to the bridge, carried them around the rapid, paddled up until getting too hard on account of the obstacles, turned around and, while shooting not just the rapids at the bridge, but also the Gelcoat and two or three subsequent rapids, got to a natural ending where things got too hard to paddle onwards. Paddling upstream then was just doable, pushing at one rapids, and with just one portage at Gelcoat. There we hauled the kayaks uphill and down the rock where the inviting water took care of our sweating bodies. From there and past a few, now known obstacles, we arrived back at the platform. A very rewarding paddle!

Fayley Arthur avatar

Fayley Arthur


We paddled this from Honeymoon Pool down to the waterfall 31/3/2019 and was very pretty, although the water level was quite low. Quite a few fallen trees to climb over but no blackberry infestations which was nice. A mostly quiet, restful paddle, with one or two bits to port around, and a few baby “rapids” suitable for beginners. (We have also done a similar path from further upriver on floating tubes with the kids ending at Gelcoat rapids which we did on the tubes)

Ron McLean


We paddled this stretch of water in March 2018. The going was easy and the landscape beautiful, with peppermint trees overhanging the water and rock outcrops at intervals. We drove in to the waterfall car park on the rough 4WD track (an adventure on its own), entering from Pile Rd/Lennard Rd and kayaked up river to Honeymoon Pool, then returned with the slow current. There are quite a few fallen trees that need to be ported over/around but they were not difficult at that time. Definitely recommended if you like leisurely paddling and good scenery.

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