Handrail Pool, Weano Gorge, Karijini NP

About the Trail

Handrail Pool is one of the many spectacular gorges unique in Karijini National Park. It is not easily accessible, but you will be rewarded with an almost surreal adventure when finding yourself immersed in a water hole surrounded by a blend of yellow and red stones. It is a challenging walk that is described as a ‘journey to the centre of the earth’.

On  the surface, there are easy walks around the top of the gorge, accessible from the Weano Gorge day use area. For the adventurous, Weano Gorge offers a challenging Class 5 scramble over boulders and through narrow passages to Handrail Pool.  For the less adventurous, there is an easier option, as the first part of the trail is Class 3.

The track starts off as the 'Lower Weano Gorge Trail' (class 3), which originates from the Weano carpark/information shelter, leading you north towards the top of Weano Gorge and then down the steps to the bottom. Here, high walls of rock will tower above you and this is where the 'Handrail Pool Trail' (class 5) starts.  Use the handrail to climb down.  As the gorge narrows the trail becomes much more challenging. Take care as you climb your way down into the waters of Handrail Pool.

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