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Packing Tips - What to pack when hiking

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Are you trail ready?

Welcome to our new series of handy tips and tricks that will get you ready for your next adventure in Jarrahdale.

We have talked to people with a broad depth and breadth of experience to develop these practical tips and be better prepared before taking the first step to explore Jarrahdale network of trails.

How to know when you have packed too much?

There are a number of reasons to carry a lighter load while on the trail: comfort, health and enjoyment.

A heavy pack is likely to incur stress-related injuries, as much as distracting you from making the most of being in nature. Packing heavy is more critical when endeavouring to hike a multiple-day trip such as the Bibbulmun Track

If you struggle to take enough supplies in your pack or are looking to travel light why not look at completing longer hikes in sections such as Mt Cook (via Sullivan Rock) in Jarrahdale. 

Signs that you are carrying too much:

  • When fully loaded, the top of your pack is above your head.
  • You have to sit down to put your pack on.
  • Your first Kit Aid puts St John's to shame.
  • You regularly reach resupply towns with food and water still left in your pack.
  • Your kitchen kit consists of a pot, a plate, a bowl, a frying pan, a knife, a spoon, a fork, a hardwood chopping board, a French Press and... a cheese grater.
  • Unpacking at the end, you realise that there are few items that you never used.
  • When it’s raining, your tent is big enough for a football team.

Sherpas, NepalSherpas near Lobuche, Nepal © 2015, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons License

Behind the tongue-in-cheek tone of this list lies common and serious issues when the load of your pack can compromise your safety. Head to Jarrahdale Are you trail ready? webpage and learn few practical tips to be better prepared.