Shoalwater Islands Marine Park Paddle

About the Trail

Park just before the end car park and launch off the sandy beach to your left. You will see a walk trail to the beach. From Point Peron the kayak trail tracks south via the islands and reefs. The first one you can see is Bird Island. Explore the cove on the north side. The trail is marked to pass inshore of these islands but if the sea is calm take the opportunity to paddle further out and snorkel on the isolated reefs.

At seal island sea lions will be asleep on the beach and possibly in the water near your kayak. Do not disturb them, and note that landing is not permitted on the beach here. A mooring is available to tie your kayak to but apart from the sea lions there is not much of interest in the water here.

Penguin Island is the turn-around point but you can picnic here, visit the visitor centre, or go on the walk trail. Take a $2 coin for the telescope on the island lookout. There is an entry fee for tours and penguin feeding at 10am, 12 and 2pm in the centre. Landing and visiting the island is free. 

Most days paddling the trail in the direction suggested will make for a tail wind on the trip home.

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