Paradise Pool, Charnley Station, Kimberley


The Paradise Pool Trail starts a few metres from Charnley River Wilderness Camp, making it easy walking distance from the camping area. This 2.4km return trail is largely flat with a little bit of rock hopping at the end. There’s a rock pool at the end. This is an excellent trail for birdwatchers, especially early morning. 

Rock formations

Rock formations

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

The trail partly follows a creek with intermittent pools and lined with dense vegetation. Near the end, there’s a gate and direction signage to a pool partly encircled by rock. Expect to see water goannas, which are common around rocky pools. They are great swimmers and will dive in if you get too close.

Early morning is an excellent time to see many species of birds. The brilliantly jewel like azure kingfisher is sometimes seen flittering about low hanging branches above the pools. 

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