Dalmanyi Walk Trail (Bell Gorge),  Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges formerly King Leopold Ranges


The Dalmanyi (Bell Gorge) Walk is four kilometres return from the car park to a section of the creek just above the falls with spectacular views of the gorge and waterfall.

Looking over the edge at Dalmanyi (Bell) Gorge

Photo Credit: Jessica Fealy

About the Trail

Beautiful Dalmanyi (Bell) Gorge, with its stunning waterfall, bushwalking and bird watching, is located in the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges Conservation Park in the Kimberley to be accessed from Gibb River Road between Derby and Kununurra. 

Be rewarded with spectacular views and walk the marked two-kilometre, gently sloping trail from the Dalmanyi (Bell) Gorge carpark down to the gorge. The carpark is about 40 minutes drive from Gibb River Road.  Following wet season rains, great volumes of water cascade from the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges.  In the dry, tourists are attracted to the spectacular cascading waterfalls at Dalmanyi (Bell) Gorge, a relaxing place to swim. The base of the falls form a deep pool surrounded by ledges and sheltered by rocky walls that is a superb spot for swimming. However accessing the base pool is a more difficult section of the trail. If this popular site is too busy for your liking, you can also explore upstream.  

Make sure you bring your camera as Dalmanyi Gorge is one of the most picturesque and scenic gorges in the Kimberley. The folded rock formations were millions of years in the making. You can go camping not far from the gorge at Silent Grove campsite – this is pristine wilderness at its best. No camping allowed at Bell Creek.

Need to Know