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Suzie Griffith


The Hike: We started at John Forrest with the intention of having a well deserved pint at the Tavern at the end!! (great idea except the park entry fee was $12)They do brekkie apparently. We started at 7.30am clockwise and stopped for coffee at Mount Helena, lunch (20km / half way mark) at Mundaring (and blister fix from chemist as well as Coles, etc. Few places for a bought lunch). Coffee at Glen Forrest (30km) and home run to the tavern. Was the most amazing day. Great scenery. Lovely people to chat to enroute. Lots of bikes come soaring past you so be careful. Not many toilets. Water refills at start but not much else unless through towns. I bought a 1L bottle and was fine. Not much incline or decline. Very easy walk with gravel underfoot. It was the length that is the challenge. An hour's car ride. Longer than a marathon (we clocked 44.3km) and the length of time. We finished at 7.20pm which included stops so 12 hours in total. But the actual walk took 8.5 hours. I would absolutely recommend it but my friend had only walked 15km max so was very tough for him. In fact he lost a toenail! I am a big walker and walk 6-18km regularly so 44km whilst a challenge, was no big deal the next day except for a couple of blisters. I would do this again at the drop of a hat. Absolutely not in summer / heat due to the length you are on the trail. You must start early to be back before dark. We walked a good pace. I think 8-10 hours would be reasonable. I still have yet to meet anyone who has walked this far in one day. It truly is an amazing thing to do. Oh and another tip: Do it with someone who won't whine about length of time and someone who has good conversation!!!!

Alex Lowe


This trail is a great beginner trail. Mostly flat gravel through the entire 50 km's. I started in Bellevue and worked my to north of the trail. I believe this is best way as you get good practice and speed on the return trip. A great place to get used to gravel riding and learning to control your bike at higher speeds. Also - look for 4 - 5 smaller skill trackers on the side of this trail, they are great to play on as well. Very fun trail, just remember the food because the gradual incline of the ride will wear on your quickly!

Robert Daniell


Whats happening about the dog problem around Darlington ? On a few occasions I have encountered dogs off leads and not in contol by owners ?

Bree Smolinski


Wonderful ride through the Perth Hills! There's easy vehicle access points along the entire trail, so it's easy to pick and choose where to start and finish. There's a wonderful variety of scenery - I particularly loved the old railway tunnels and bridges, as well as the sweeping views in Boya. Whether you complete it all at once or break it into smaller sections, the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail is excellent ride for nature lovers of all skill levels.

Leanne Pearce


Fantastic bush trail close to the city with plenty of options to complete the sections and cafe as well as a pub stop along the way! Part of the trail goes through John Forest National Park and there's scenic views, an old rail tunnel, bridges and waterfalls in winter. Parking at Swan View and Mundaring sculpture park is good. This trail is a good introduction to off road cycling and also because of the loop it makes for good cross country training. Keep an eye out and you may see the odd Kangaroo. No singletrack action, just a mellow social relaxing chance to ride your bike! The trail also acts a nature corridor for the local wildlife to coexist in an urban area - this is special!

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