Harewood Walk Trail, Denmark


Harewood Walk Trail 1.2 kilometres return walk through a tranquil area, including scents of eucalyptus, the sound of birds, and magnificent Karri trees.  Informative signs along the way interpret Denmark’s history as well as the flora within the area.

Harewood Walk Trail

Harewood Walk Trail - Trailhead

Photo Credit: Chelle Fisher

About the Trail

Located on Scotsdale road, 12km from the town centre of Denmark (a 10-minute drive).  The trail begins by crossing a footbridge across Scotsdale Creek, it is here the first picnic area is located.

Following the twisting trail upstream, the track follows under a long stretch of thick Karri forest leading (approximately 600m) to a second picnic area. To return, simply follow the same trail back to where it begins. 

As with other Karri forest trails, this is a great opportunity for bird watching.

The area has regrown after being logged around the year 1900, when Denmark was known as “mill-town".

Need to Know