Gerliwany-gerring Banan Trail, Mirima NP, Kununurra


Just on the outskirts of Kununurra is a rugged series of ranges in Mirima National Park. One of the best ways to get a feel of the place, is on this 2 kilometre return walk through Savannah woodland. It’s a great trail for seeing abundant wildlife in the area.

The Savannah walk in Mirima NP

This flat walk weaves through the vegetation

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

Gerliwany-gerring Banan Trail runs for 1.07km one-way along the floor of Hidden Valley in Mirima National Park. It’s an easy Grade 3 trail that takes the walker through Savanna woodland.

There are great views along the way of the rocky sandstone ranges with stunning colours. The colours of these banded sculptured rock formations are even more enhanced just before sunset.

For observing wildlife, the late afternoon is a great time to see agile wallabies, rock wallabies and wallaroos feeding on grasses. Birds such as variegated fairy-wrens and finches can be seen flittering about low vegetation while black kites soar high above.  

All trails in this national park have interpretive signage for people who want to know about the rich natural history of this park that is culturally important to the local Miriuwung people.  

Need to Know