Kotka Gorge Trail, Mt Augustus NP


Kotka Gorge Trail is a two kilometre return walk which leads on from the Gum Grove Trail to the main opening of the Gorge.  The trail ends here with views to the east of Mt Augustus.

Waterfall in Kotka Gorge


Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

This trail commences at the end of Gum Grove Trail.  The walk starts along a dry rocky creek bed. It then leaves the creekline and climbs upwards. There is a variety of rugged terrain and plenty of birds to see along the way. Then you hit the main opening of Kotka Gorge where the trail ends. Go beyond that point and you enter the gorge, which is not recommended as it is prone to rock falls.

It will possibly take up to two hours to complete this walk due to the rocky, steep in parts, terrain. It is vital to take plenty of drinking water, even in cooler winter months.

Need to Know