Trails: Mountain Bike

Adventure and riding come naturally in Australia's South West, with an outstanding network of trails that take casual riders and serious mountain bikers into the heart of the region's wildflower country and stunning forests. Over recent years the network has expanded offering lots of new trails for riders to enjoy. 

If it's a long-distance adventure you're after then you can't beat the Munda Biddi Trail. Other trails provide varying degrees of difficulty for those who enjoy a challenge.  This site highlights the best.

Please always follow the International Mountain Bike Association Rules of the Trail, and take the right gear with you.  You'll find some guidelines on the Trail Tips page. 

For more information about mountain biking in Western Australia, visit the WA Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) website. 

The TRAIL FILTER is on the MAP page.

Mountain Bike Trails in Western Australia

Trail Name Top Trail Rating Region Time Length Difficulty
Albany Downhill Mountain Bike Trail South West Less than 1 hour 0.7km Difficult
Arklow Trails, Collie   -- South West -- -- --
Aroundtu-It, Northcliffe South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 5.7km Moderate
Chapman River, Geraldton Coral Coast 1-3 hours (Loop) 9.8km Moderate
Collie Darkan Rail Trail South West Multiple day 47km Easy
Collie Wagyl Biddi   -- South West -- -- --
Compartment 10, Margaret River   -- South West -- -- --
Creek Trails, Margaret River   -- South West -- -- --
Cycletrek, Donnybrook South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 8km Moderate
Denmark to Nornalup Heritage Rail Trail South West Full day 54.5km Easy
Drop Dead Fred, Collie Wagyl Biddi South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 1.3km Moderate
Dunsborough Country Club, Meelup Dunsborough South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 8km Moderate
Forsyths Mill, Perth Hills Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 6km Moderate
Goat Farm, Greenmount Perth Half day (Loop) 10km Moderate
Jarrahdale Balmoral Trail Perth Half day 11km Easy
Kalamunda Trails   -- Perth -- -- --
Karratha MTB Trail Network North West 1-3 hours (Loop) 15km Moderate
Kep Track, Mundaring to Northam Perth Multiple day 75km Easy
Kurliiny Tjenangitj Trail, Wellington NP South West Half day (Loop) 9.5km Moderate
Lake Leschenaultia, Chidlow Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 5km Easy
Lancaster, Kalamunda Mountain Bike Trails Perth Less than 1 hour 1.1km Difficult
Langford Park, Jarrahdale Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 12km Moderate
Marrinup Trail, Dwellingup This is a Top Trail Perth Half day (Loop) 8km Moderate
Mt Lennard, Pile Rd, Wellington NP   -- South West -- -- --
Munda Biddi Trail, Mundaring to Albany This is a Top Trail Perth, South West Multiple day 1070km Moderate
Nannup Downhill Trails   -- South West -- -- --
Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trails, Nannup This is a Top Trail South West Multiple day (Loop) 37km Easy
Pemberton MTB Park   -- South West -- -- --
Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, Perth Hills This is a Top Trail Perth Full day (Loop) 41km Easy
Sika Trail, Wellington NP South West Half day (Loop) 9.8km Moderate
South Shore, Peel Region Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 5km Difficult
Ten Mile Brook Trail, Margaret River South West Half day 15km Easy
The Piggery, Esperance Golden Outback Less than 1 hour (Loop) 11km Moderate
The Pines Trails, Margaret River   -- South West -- -- --
Turner Hill Mtb Trail, Murray This is a Top Trail Perth 1-3 hours (Loop) 11km Moderate
Wadandi Track, Margaret River This is a Top Trail South West Full day 23km Easy
Waterous Trail, Lane Poole,  Dwellingup Perth Multiple day (Loop) 61km Easy
Wellington Mills Downhill Trails   -- South West -- -- --
Wilman Trail, Collie Wagyl Biddi South West 1-3 hours (Loop) 3.2km Easy
Wilson Inlet Heritage Trail, Denmark South West Half day 12km Easy
Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail, Yanchep Perth Multiple day 28km Moderate