Top Trail:  Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range NP

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Anne Ellis


An amazing experience. We went in January, on a day when it was 28 degrees and sunny. We needed a LOT of water as the way is all uphill and quite challenging - especially for those amongst us who are not very fit (ie me!). It took us 6 hours return in total. We had 2 adults, a 17yr old and two 10yr olds in our family. If you have any problems with knees at all, I recommend climbing sticks. The way up has steps a lot of the way which is better then sliding around on steep gradients, but was very hard on my knees. Coming down was equally as difficult - I was turning sideways to step down many of the stairs as they were quite high. The climbing sticks were invaluable. Allow plenty of time - I know the official rating is 1-3hours, but I think the 1hour can only be for those people we saw running up Bluff Knoll! (Yes indeed, running!!). Great views from the top. And rocks to lie on and recover your breath before heading back down.

Tamara White


I had waited a long time to do this trail and talked about it for two years so when we finally got a chance to go down in the middle of summer I hoped the weather would not be too hot for it, quite the opposite, it rained for two days so we had to put it off. We finally had a clear day on 1 Jan and got there around 6am. Given my fitness was still not up to scratch it took us a good 6 hours to do the return trip - but it was so worth it!! Halfway up we met a family from Sweden (overtaking us) and they had a massive horn with them, one of them stopped on a ledge and played for about 20 mins - it was magical. I loved it and could have stayed on top for ages, though it is a shame that people have been taking bathrooms breaks up there!! Just wish I had remembered the Thermos of coffee so we could have enjoyed it more. Coming down was much harder than going up - on the knees mostly.

Cynthia Van der Wielen


Amazing. The climb up to the summit of Bluff Knoll is an experience not to be missed. The views are amazing from any vantage point, I recommend doing the trek early as Bluff Knoll is very popular with tourists, and it is is of course cooler!

Cassie Paxman


Fantastic walk. We started walking at 5am and got to the top just as the sun was rising at 6.30ish. Definitely recommended but make sure it's a clear day or the sunrise at the top won't be as rewarding!

Mark Pybus


One of the gems of the Great Southern region. A family accessible trail that showcases the Stirling Ranges, provides a challenging climb and best of all you get some stunning views from the top (on a clear day). I make a point of hiking this trail every time I am in the area and it never fails to disappoint.

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