Top Trail:  Understory, Art in Nature, Northcliffe

About the Trail

Located behind the Northcliffe Visitors Centre, Understory, Art In Nature provides a unique perspective on native forest as artisans of many media have produced artwork that interacts with the natural ecosystem.  Collated in an interesting form, you will want to slow down and look around in order to not miss some of the fascinating installations.

Consisting mainly of sculpture, the art also includes poetry, prose and purposely written music. When venturing around the trail the presence of sculpture makes you look differently at the bush – looking up, down and deep into the forest. In looking for art you find the natural art of the forest. Keep an eye out for the little people of the forest; they seem to appear as if by magic. Children can venture to the story nooks and listen to especially written tales of the bush.

Yes - the "Voices from the Forest" audio tour is specifically tailored for children and includes five stories "told" by animals of the forest.  Each of the stories is listened to when reaching one of the five "Children's Storytelling Nook's".

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