Trail Network: Kalamunda Trails

This is the largest, most popular network of trails in WA. The backbone of MTBing in the capital city. From first timers to seasoned riders there is something for everyone out here.

Based on the IMBA grading there is approximately 6 kilometres of green trails and a skills loop with information boards discussing technique. The green trails and focussed on the western side of the network. Intermediate IMBA blue trails account for the majority of the trails at 34 kilometres in the network. There are only three advanced IMBA black trails and two of them feed off the top of Mt Gunjin making shuttle runs possible in a vehicle and dropping approximately 100m in height. With the loose pea gravel tyre selection is important with larger grippy tyres favoured. The middle of summer is also to be avoided due to extreme heat and loose dry soil. The best time to ride is often a day after some light rain to help hold the soil together providing a faster surface to ride on.