Z Bend River Trail, Kalbarri NP

About the Trail

One of the most scenic locations in the Kalbarri National Park, the Z Bend is suitably named after the tight bends the Murchison River has carved into the Tumblagooda Sandstone gorge.The Z Bend can be admired from a lookout or it can be experienced first hand by taking an hour long hike descending down into the gorge. As you climb over boulders, through passages and down ladders, keep a look out for the endemic wildflower species Kalbarri Spider Orchid  as well as many other wildflowers Pink Poker, Flame Grevillea, Starflowers and many more orchids and flowering natives.

Once in the gorge if the season permits you can have a swim and cool off in the waters of the Murchison River, or walk along the rock edge and enjoy the calm surroundings.

When returning to the carpark ensure you take the time to sit back and relax, use the bbq facilities to enjoy a picnic lunch.

As this is a gorge risk area, extreme caution should be used.

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