Top Trail:  Yued Ponar Trail, Lesueur National Park


This 6 km, moderately challenging trail can be accessed from the Cockleshell Gully picnic area off Cockleshell Gully Road.  The trail winds its way through a diverse landscape featuring low heath, small sections of Wandoo woodlands, along winding creek lines and up several short, steep slopes to the top of Mt Peron where you are rewarded with spectacular views of the Lesueur NP, all the way to the Indian Ocean.

Kada Boodja Lookout

Kada Boodja Lookout

About the Trail

The Yued Ponar Trail features an ancient, highly eroded and weathered landscape with a vast diversity of plant life. Due to low soil nutrients, plants have developed highly specialised adaptions, creating vast diversity.

With over 900 species of plants, over 100 of which are only found in this area, the Lesueur NP is known as a global biodiversity hotspot.

The best time to appreciate the stunning variety of plant life is during wildlfower season from August to November.

Winding through low heathlands and Wandoo woodland the trail offers walkers an opportunity to discover the country through Yued Noongar eyes and learn about the seasonal resources they relied upon.

Other walks in the Lesueur NP include the Mount Lesueur and Gairdner Walk Trails that can be accessed from the Drummonds Recreatin site car park.

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