York Walks - Convicts and Crossings


Follow the footsteps of York’s convicts and those who lived here in the convict era. Feeling intrepid? Cross the river by suspension bridge or the ancient ford in summertime.

Suspension Bridge

Have fun and a fantastic view of the river as you sashay and sway across a replica of the 1888 swing bridge

Photo Credit: Karina Leonhardt

About the Trail

A versatile trail that can be walked (or cycled) in short or long loops, with the river crossings and facilities in Avon Park being fun for families with children.

Starting from York Visitor Centrre at the Town Hall, set off along Avon Terrace and cut through the laneway to the river beside the Courthouse and Post Office. After crossing the suspension bridge, in summer you can make a complete 3.4km loop to the north using the ford, and anytime a short loop to the south, with a longer option to visit the Residency Museum and St.John's cemetery, via Clifford street which has a number of 1850s/60s Pensioner Guard cottages.

Distance options: 3.4 kilometres total - or short loop from suspension bridge to south street is .800 metres, top half loop is 1.6km or bottom half loop is 2.4km.

York is just over an hour’s drive from Perth through beautiful bush and rolling farmland and has several linking walk and cycle trails that you can mix and match to suit yourself. 

Need to Know